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Pallet (36 bags/ 720 kg): Price per Item € 575 without shipping // € 0,80/ kg
Pallet (36 bags/ 720 kg): Price per Item € 695 inkl. shipping // € 0,97/ kg

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Flax beddings are made of 100% biomaterial. They support the health of the animal and are optimally used in the horse care, because they fully meet the demand of the animal and are characterized by the following features:

  • Flax beddings do not cause allergy
  • There is no danger of accidental ingestion of the biomaterial.
  • Animal hooves do not clog
  • Flax is a natural antiseptic and prevents diseases
The main raw material of HorsLi Premium products—flax—is grown in the regions of Europe. The manufacturing process of HorsLi Premium pellets is a completely mechanical process: without chemicals and other auxiliary materials, flax is pressed and further processed into pellets. So we produce a high-quality natural product from pure flax fibers.
      HorsLi Premium flax pellets, in comparison with other ordinary floor beddings, have many advantages in use, which have been proven by numerous positive features:
      Flax pellets have a flow efficiency of up to 450%
      Flax pellets are dust free and well packed
      Flax pellets absorb ammonia odor
      They are simple and practical to clean, because do not require separation, which significantly reduces cleaning time
      Do not contain chemicals, so they are 100% natural product
      The process of cleaning the biomaterial for pellets is implemented by the most advanced European technology
      Do not contain harmful mold or fungal bacteria
      Decomposition on compost occurs in 2-3 months
      First time

      • Clean the stall carefully stripping it completely of all old bedding.
      • Soak the stall floor generously with water.
      • Spread HorsLi pellets evenly over the wet floor at a rate of 8–10 kg per m² (a layer height should be about 6-7 cm).
      • Spray water on the spilled pellets at a rate of 3 kg per 20 kg (for example, you need about 120-140 kg of water for 12-13 m² of the stall). All pellets require approximately 18 liters of water.
      • During the first week, the beddings settle: the lower layer of the bedding absorbs the moisture, and the top layer remains dry and loose.


      • Remove the manure only. Carefully remove the top layer of the bedding where required.
      • While cleaning up, do not rake or turn over the dense lower layer, since oxygen accelerates ammonia production.


      • Remove the wet beddings, tangled clumps, where it is needed
      • To keep the level of beddings well-tended, add a half of pack of HorsLi pellets into the stall.


      Do not rake or turn the dense lower layer of HorsLi pellet beddings!

      For horse health, it is important to completely change the HorsLi pellet beddings in the stall at least once a quarter. To do this, remove the old beddings, clean the stall carefully, and spread new HorsLi pelleted beddings.

      Read the recommendations for use carefully. In the case of improper use of HorsLi products, the supplier and its trading partner shall not be liable.

      Overview of consumption for a standard horse stall with an area of 12 m2

      • approximately 100-120 kg for the first bedding
      • about 10-20 kg for weekly replenishment
      • for hygienic reasons, it is advisable to change the bedding completely after about three months (but it depends on many factors)
        Renewability and environmental protection
        With respect to nature and the environment, we have developed a responsible attitude towards renewability and environmental awareness—these criteria fully comply with our natural products. Unlike ordinary floor beddings, such as sawdust, flax beddings are pH-neutral; they saturate the natural floor in a natural way and do not deplete it. With HorsLi pellet beddings, you will do well not only for your horses, but also for the environment, because natural raw materials such as flax are ecological, renewable, and environmentally friendly basic raw materials for our products.
        Only a healthy horse
        is a happy horse
        Many horse breeders know that unpleasant feeling when the veterinarian voiced the diagnosis. This is especially difficult if the horse suffers from allergies or upper respiratory tract diseases such as dyspnea or drusen. In case of such diseases, it is important, first of all, to keep the horse in a clean stall protected from dust, where there is no fungal bacteria and mold. Often, improper feeding of the horse leads to blockage of the esophagus and colic, which can sometimes be fatal. Moisture in a horse stall causes hoof disease, such as falling out of the hoof wall (horn), many types of ulcers on the hoofs, or laminitis. Therefore, horse care is a very difficult and demanding task, which requires a lot of attention from horse breeders and horse owners.
        You have the opportunity to order HorsLi Premium beddings in any quantity you need in order to work with this product efficiently and conveniently.

        If you have any questions or objections concerning our products or you want to leave a request for an individual service, you can send us a message using the feedback form below or contact us by phone—we will be happy to help you.
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